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Derek Paice's other projects:

The News of the Victory Electric ceilidh for the mind and body
  Compositions Examples of a few of my composition projects



Jane Wells Musician, composer and workshop leader
Martin Bright (Discover Percussion) Musician, workshop leader


Quick links to other organisations mentioned in these pages and using DeeP Music services:

La Tour Au Loup Community "spectacle" in the French Alps
Our World Festivals Huge multicultural festivals for thousands of children

In order to keep the list to a minimum, save wear on your mouse and cut down the chances of an RSI, I have only added links here directly relevant to the work I do wearing a DeeP Music hat. Most of these will already have been mentioned elsewhere on this site and I shall add or subtract to this list in an arbitrarily whimsical manner. No slight is intended to those who might worry that they ought to have been mentioned ... and I believe I do have other friends ...!

Links involving The News of the Victory can be explored on the The News of the Victory website.