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DeeP Music sessions for teachers

Curriculum development

Teacher Skills Development

Instrument Repairs

Curriculum Development

If you or your colleagues need help or training with interpretation of existing or new orders for music these are just some of the sessions available:

  • working with Music Curriculum 2000
  • incorporating the national scheme of work for music into your school's planning
  • developing policies and schemes of work
  • lesson planning
  • attainment and progress in music
  • making music part of your class project
  • building a repertoire for listening and performing
  • planning a curriculum enrichment programme
  • devising music-based projects
  • pre-inspection or post-inspection support
  • impartial advice on the purchase of music and music ICT resources

This list is not exhaustive. Each session of support can be tailored to meet the precise requirements of you and your colleagues.

Teacher Skills Development

Courses can be centred on the titles below or mixed to suit your situation. If you don't see what you need, please get in touch. It is not possible to include the full list of available courses. However, these can be delivered in a range of modes including, for example, whole day, half-day, twilight or through shared teaching. They can be arranged for the individual teacher, a department within the school, a whole staff and staff from a cluster of schools. The following are among the courses on offer:

  • music activities at key stage one
  • music activities with key stage two pupils
  • composing and performing at key stage three
  • *developing a practical approach to listening
  • using class percussion effectively
  • *world music and dance - general sessions and more specific workshops e.g. European, African, Brazilian, Caribbean and Indonesian
  • music and dance from English history (e.g. Tudors, medieval)
  • *music with information and communications technology
  • teaching instruments out of hours / running a music club
  • repertoire for singing
  • understanding musical ideas and concepts

*(programmes available from KS1 to post-16)

Instrument repairs service

In order to be able to deliver a full curriculum, make sure you don't have broken instruments hidden away. Take advantage of DeeP Music's repair & maintenance of class percussion instruments service. Further details