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Street band

available for indoor and outdoor events including fetes and festivals

Chris Balch (saxophones), Jane Wells (saxophones), Derek Paice (percussion), Richard Hall (trombone) and Dawn Loombe (Accordian)

Hoofbeat is the project of composer, Jane Wells. Take five musicians and their instruments, commission new compositions and arrangements, set up ... and play.

The music ranges from the European conventions of Kurt Weill (who wasn't commissioned by Hoofbeat) through jazz and world music to the no-tech techno of "Moroccan Roll" by The Neutrinos' Jon Baker (who was). All the commissions have been from composers either resident, near to, or who have worked with the people of Norfolk. Links in the list below play extracts of the pieces (unfortunately, the live recordings were made on a windy day at Wells-next-the-Sea ... hopefully, you'll get the idea!).

Current repertoire includes:

On the Hoof (Jane Wells)

De Petit Po (Guillaume de Machault arranged by Jane Wells)

Dame De Qui Toute Ma Joie (Guillaume de Machault arranged by Jane Wells)

Mack the Knife ( Kurt Weill arranged by Jane Wells)

Tango (Kurt Weill arranged by Jane Wells)

Too We Too (Trad Ghanaian song and Jane Wells)

The Culinary Terrorist (Derek Paice)

Fourth Floor Agenda live (Derek Paice)

Junkanalia live (Derek Paice)

Ray's First Day (Derek Paice)

Was It Ever Like This? live (Derek Paice)

Your Number's Up (John Lewis)

Goulash (traditional Bulgarian transcribed and arranged by Matthew Gunn)

Valse Concordia (Peter Ayers)

Tanguisimo (Astor Piazolla arr Peter Ayers)

Summer Street (Sianed Jones)

Moroccan Roll (Jon Baker)

Itchy In the Sun (Mark Fawcett)

Confucius (Don Drummond arranged by Tony Haynes)

Monkey Man (Toots Hibbert arranged by Tony Haynes and Hoofbeat)

Jovano (Trad. Macedonian arranged byTony Haynes)

Numali (Hugh Masekela/Dudu Pukwana arranged by Tony Haynes)

Rag Hamsadhvani (Trad. Indian arranged by Tony Haynes and Hoofbeat)

Thanks to Tony Haynes, musical director and performer with The Grand Union Orchestra, for arranging the last five items specially for us. In our live shows we also feature a couple of solo and duet pieces. Currently these are

La Partida or The Venezuelan Waltz (Antonio Lauro) for solo accordion

Old Casstle Blues (Mo Sorgsky) for saxophone duet