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Unfortunately there is no mail address at present. Please use e-mail, thank you.

Derek Paice
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I wish I didn't have to write this, but I have occasionally failed to receive messages that people have told me they have sent. If possible, please telephone and e-mail, if you are trying to make a first contact. If I don't reply to your phone call when you expect me to it could be that my flaky answerphone has only recorded an indistinct message and I will have spent hours trying to work out your number. Please try again. It is frustrating for both of us if we don't get through, believe me! It would also appear that sometimes, e-mail messages from schools in Norfolk do not reach my server. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to this, but again, please re-send if you haven't heard from me within a couple of days. Even when I am out of the country I make a point of seeing e-mails as often as when I am in the UK. I have set up the e-mail addresses on this site to send to more than one address in the hope that messages will get through.

So, at the moment apologies to Craig (?) who phoned about a xylophone repair and to Christina (M?) who wanted me to phone an 0208 number about school workshops. I have tried to get back to you, but I am told that the numbers I have picked up from your messages do not exist!